* Our Services

We work at more than 90 schools across the UK and are recognised as a leading provider of catering services for independent schools. We provide fresh, exciting and nutritious dishes for all ages – from nursery to sixth form – and for boarders.

Whether you’re looking to outsource your catering services for the first time, or to provide a fresh, personalised and personable approach to school meals, we always take the time to understand you and your needs.

We’ve developed tailored marketing literature and interactive demonstrations designed to support the curriculum and to help educate pupils so they can make informed decisions about their eating habits. This also ensures parents have access to details of the dietary options their children have at school.

As we work together, we make sure everyone you deal with at Brookwood, including our on-site teams, are part of your establishment’s ‘family’. We do this through regular visits, appraisals and continuous two-way communication. We believe this is key to a lasting, successful partnership.


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* Healthier School House Meals

Great food and excellent service are key to ensuring boarders’ health and happiness. We’ve over 20 years’ experience working with boarding schools and catering for the dietary needs of pupils aged 7 to 18. Whatever their age, boarders will at some point miss home cooking. With this in mind we create meals that offer pupils a sense of being at home.

We can turn meals for boarders into inclusive and interactive experiences, such as with ‘gastro nights’, where we might cook food to order, or pupils can work with our chefs to help them create their own meals and learn more about ingredients and cooking techniques.

Or perhaps healthy ‘takeaway’ nights and Sunday roasts, where pupils can get a taste of home. Plus, due to an ever-increasing demand for more international options we develop menus that reflect different cuisines and cultures.



* Supporting Pupils’ Healthy Eating

Brookwood provides a tailored service for pre-prep and prep pupils. For most young pupils, this is the first break away from their home environment so, we make sure we create a fun and engaging experience for them. For pre-prep pupils, aged four to seven, good nutrition is critical. It not only keeps young pupils healthy, it can also inform their choices and set positive patterns of eating behaviour.

We also serve a meal’s individual elements separately from each other so pupils can try new tastes and textures when they feel ready. As pupils get older and move into prep, we introduce more choice and flavours.

Throughout all of this, we also like to get parents involved and interested in what we do. Quite rightly, many parents want to know what their children are eating so we produce regular updates and tasting events to keep parents well informed.

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* Better Food Options For Pupils

As pupils develop through senior school, we see it as our responsibility to provide a balanced diet that, in turn, supports their academic and sporting activities. We therefore give senior pupils a choice between traditional favourites and retail-inspired options, while bringing out the ethos of the school. At this age, we begin treating pupils as young adults, and the vocabulary on our menus is more grown up and reflective of retail food experiences. In fact, we create theatrical live cooking and interactive food courts that give older pupils a better – and, of course, healthier – kind of ‘fast food’.

We know that appropriate food choices can aid concentration, so we create dishes that release energy slowly for those intense study and revision periods.

As well as noting the changes in dietary needs and preferences as pupils grow, we also recognise the subtle differences in dietary requirements between boys and girls. For single-sex schools and sixth forms, we create menus that complement boys' or girls’ development, and their eating habits and requirements.

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6th Form

6th Form

* Café Style For Young Adults

For sixth forms, we tailor our service to ensure a more modern and relaxed café culture. After all, pupils of this age group want to be treated as adults, with areas to relax and socialise, and food that reflects their options in the wider world.

During the two years before pupils go into employment or higher education, we ensure they’re well prepared. For example, we run regular cooking demonstrations known as ‘Beyond Beans’ that encourage pupils to learn to cook for themselves when they fly the nest – and business etiquette courses for guidance on eating formally with colleagues or clients.

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For prep pupils, our weekly initiatives include Fisherman Finn, with interesting facts and exciting fish dishes to try, plus other themed days where we encourage pupils to eat, think and learn at the same time. For senior pupils, initiatives include MeatFree Days in which we support the environment and highlight the hidden proteins in vegetarian cuisine. With Street Food, we showcase different tastes from around the world. There’s also Tasting Tables which explore new and exciting ingredients, and Blend It Up, that encourages more fruit in our everyday diets.

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* Knowledge Is Power

Brookwood was the first schools caterer to be awarded the Sustainable Restaurant Association’s ‘Food Made Good’ top-level three-star accreditation. This recognises Brookwood’s commitment to sourcing and the provenance of our food – and, as it suggests, we’re dedicated to inspiring our pupils with curriculum-based, educational initiatives that focus on trying new foods, learning about food provenance and supporting the environment.



* Food Befitting The Occasion

School life is punctuated by hospitality events and we’re on hand to make sure the food complements the occasion. Our match-winning teas are a combination of homemade cakes, sandwiches and tasty, innovative meals for sports players - the perfect recipe for when parents and pupils get together. We provide the ideal food and drink menus for parent evenings, head teacher lunches, school plays, open mornings and annual prize giving too.

For schools that run off-site and out-of-term events such as revision camps, summer schools and music classes, Brookwood can help plan the food perfectly. And for those extra-special private events like weddings, we can provide an Executive Chef. Whatever the occasion, we provide the same people that work during the school week so they know you and your requirements – but wherever required, we bring in additional Brookwood people to meet your needs.

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