A Dawat experience is a feast for all the senses, bringing exceptional vibrancy and sophistication to your event.

Led and inspired by you, we will create imaginative personalised menus, delivered with passion, expertise and unsurpassed attention to detail.


Dawat Setup

Using time-honoured recipes from across India, passed down through generations, our chefs will devise a one-of-a-kind menu for your event and bring it to life using the finest spices and ingredients.


Dawat Setup

Well-versed in traditional culinary skills and knowledge, our Dawat chefs also embrace innovation and creativity. They will deliver the highest quality authentic cuisine with finesse and visual flair, delighting your guests, instilling joy and leaving a long lasting impression.


Dawat Setup

We pride ourselves on the exquisite vibrant presentation of our food, which can be personalised to complement the colours and themes of your event and to fit seamlessly within your surroundings, reflecting the style and prestige of your setting.


Dawat Setup

You may wish for a menu of our traditional Indian Dawat signature dishes, such as our sensational gulab jamun, or to combine your favourites with mouth-watering, modern international cuisine, creating a unique experience which reflects the tastes and culture of your guests.


You can experience Dawat at any of these iconic venues: