Lusso, part of CH&Co Group, is a vibrant catering company that puts the freshest and finest ingredients in the hands of skilled, innovative culinary and service teams to create unique and memorable corporate dining and hospitality experiences.

The Food Philosophy

We are true foodies with an abiding love of food. Our Food Philosophy underpins everything we do, from the origin of our ingredients and the way they are thoughtfully prepared to the value our food offers.

We challenge our chefs to ask four key questions for every dish they create: What is it? When was it made? Where is it from? And, why should our customers buy it?

A Bespoke Approach

We make it our business to get to know our clients and we have the skills and experience to deliver exactly what they want – from staff catering, hospitality and fine dining to corporate events, front-of-house and concierge services – with a strong focus on quality, sustainability and wellbeing.

We are also agile, adapting to changing client needs, the seasons and the latest trends in the eating out market.