The Food Philosophy

The Food Philosophy is the foundation of our approach to food, provenance and ethics; from the origin of our ingredients and the way they are thoughtfully prepared to the value our food offers. We challenge our chefs to ask four key questions for every dish they create: What is it? When was it made? Where is it from? And, why should our customers buy it?

From staff catering to exclusive hospitality

The staff restaurant or café is the hub of the workplace. From a quality barista coffee to hot meals and grab-and-go options, we use the finest ingredients and our teams’ awesome skills to create delicious, on-trend food and beverage offers that excite, revive and satisfy all dietary needs.

Our hospitality teams deliver innovative solutions and quality service for meetings, conferences and events to fine dining that would rival any Michelin-starred restaurant.

Is your restaurant fit for purpose?

As the working day continues to flex, all-day, interactive environments are invaluable. We are experienced in maximising available space and designing restaurants, cafés and bars that are also used for informal meetings through to receptions.