Six Reasons Why You Should Choose Food Truck Catering for Your Next Event

While it doesn’t quite seem as though Spring has yet sprung here in London, we can at least rest assured that the good weather can’t be too far away. Once the springtime arrives, it soon melds into the summer… and that can only really mean one thing: more outdoor events, parties, gatherings, and chances for al fresco fun and dining!

There’s really no greater feeling than sitting outdoor in a courtyard, garden, or outside of a top events venue in London, and tucking into some freshly prepared food. The foodie scene in London is currently the talk and the envy of the entire world. We’re lucky enough to live and work in a city where the culinary industry has properly cranked into top gear, and where the hottest new food trends are born, driven by flavour, aroma, texture, and the joyful experience of stuffing your face with top quality ingredients!

two people inside foodtruck

Here at Mask, we’re always on the lookout for the best new food trends to incorporate into our fantastic and dynamic events. There’s no question about the fact that for today’s savvy London event-going public, the food on offer at any event is a key aspect of what will draw the crowds in through the door. If you want proof of this, check out any event’s social media feed; the chances are, a good proportion of the posts will be of people’s plates – Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook simply can’t get enough of culinary snaps for sharing, and if your event catering makes the right impact, it really does have the potential to go viral. 

The main appeal of food truck catering is that it is dynamic, ever-changing, and driven by a pop-up sensibility which opens all kinds of doors when it comes to experimentation, culinary diversity, and efficiency. Food truck catering is one gastronomic trend we’re more than happy to get behind. This is why in this week’s article, we’re going to be taking a closer look at food truck catering. Simple, hearty, innovative, and delicious, this particular food trend really does typify the current event scene’s favourite catering option right now. If you’re not quite sure whether food truck catering is right for you and your attendees, we’ve got five reasons that are primed and ready to change your mind!

Reason 1: Delicious Diversity

The first big plus when it comes to food truck catering for events in London is an obvious one: the incredible range and diversity of street food vendors to choose from! Street food is, by its very nature, a hugely dynamic and varied scene. From crepes to banh mi, from sushi to burritos, from classic burgers and hot dogs to Hawaiian poke bowls and everything in between… there’s a beautiful rainbow of flavours and culinary cultures to explore, with each just as delicious and exciting as the last!

If you’re looking to ensure that your event is offering street food that’s absolutely on trend, it’s worth looking around and finding out which vendors are able to tick all the right boxes for you. The BBC website has some great suggestions, not least the fact that yummy Sri Lankan and Burmese cuisine is set to be the hot tickets for 2019!

Reason 2: A Communal Experience

Street food is all about casual, communal, and informal eating. It’s a world away from the stuffy fine dining of yesteryear, and all the better for it. Having food truck vendors at your next event will allow your attendees to choose the food they want, explore different styles and cuisines, and then sit down with their new friends and contacts, and just tuck in. Having a more relaxed and carefree attitude to your catering options will allow your event to flow more freely, and will give everyone involved the chance to chill out, enjoy their meals, and enjoy the vibe you’ve helped to create.

Reason 3: Offering New Experiences

One of the main reasons why food trucks have had such an explosion in popularity over the past few years, is the fact that they allow entrepreneurial foodies and chefs the opportunity to experiment, explore, and offer something totally new. Without a fixed premises to worry about, lots of street food vendors have the freedom to seek out new cuisines and flavours to offer their punters, meaning there’s a brilliant emphasis on lesser-known food cultures and ingredients on the scene. To get an idea of what this really means for today’s London foodies, check out the amazing street food vendors listed in this Time Out article. Yum!

If you’re looking to impress with your food truck catering options at your next event, be sure to include a few unusual and exotic street food options. Whether that’s pillowy steamed buns from China, authentic Mexican street food (a million miles from the Tex-Mex fare we all grow up on!), something from some hidden corner of the Indian subcontinent, or reimaginings of old favourites, there’s bound to be something new you and your guests have never tried before!

Reason 4: Adding to the Atmosphere

Food trucks and stands evoke the ambience of far-flung destinations, where locals gather on hot sunny evenings to tuck into hearty, homely, and delicious handmade fare. As such, they tend to be brilliantly colourful and vibrant in their decoration, bringing to your event some essence of the food quarters of Bangkok, Old Delhi, Mumbai, or Mexico City. Bringing food stands to your event is the ideal way to not only inject amazing flavours and aromas to your gathering, but also to dial up the colour and visual impact of your catering options.

Reason 5: Perfect for a Wide Range of Events

Food truck catering for events is hugely popular in London for another key reason: these catering businesses are essentially kitchens on wheels, meaning that if your event or party is hosted somewhere without a full professional kitchen setup, you’ll have no problem in providing hot and tasty meals for your guests. Versatile, flexible, and perfect for a massive range of event styles and locations, it’s no wonder this catering trend is booming in the capital!

Make Your Event Irresistible With Food Truck Catering in London

There’s no longer any doubt about it: the food truck catering and street food trend here in London isn’t going anywhere. We can’t get enough of the fast, delicious, and unique dishes on offer at our favourite food trucks in the capital. Whether we’re exploring the latest additions to foodie hubs like Borough Market, or checking out what’s on offer at the city’s hottest events, it seems there’s always something new to dig our wooden forks into!

At Mask, we love organising exciting food and catering options at our events right here in London (and that’s not just because we get to try all the tasty wares in advance!), and seeing our attendee’s happy faces as they catch the smell of spices and great cooking on the air as they walk through the door. If you’d like to find out why we’re considered one of the best events companies in the industry, we’d love to hear from you soon. Get in touch today!