Venues of the month!

Here at Mask we are in full prep for summer, which means lots of wonderful summer venues! Over the years we have gained a lot of favourites. Here are just a few that are perfect for your summer event.


Queen’s House London

What better venue to see on an invite than ‘you are invited to a party at the Queen’s House’? The former royal residence has multiple event spaces, all as beautiful as each other. Surrounded by Greenwich Park, you get views of greenery and the skyline of Canary Wharf. Here is something incredibly special about this venue, making it perfect for a corporate summer party.

Queens House Greenwich

Savage Garden

Opening in June of last year, Savage Garden is still very fresh on everyone’s radar. The space is made of two terraces and a huge inside bar- with views of new and old London it is a must see day and night. They are known for their wild cocktails and interesting food- they have pink and black burgers! It is one of our favourites for a summer party as it has such a cool, sleek vibe, really setting the tone for your party.

Hawker House

Hawker House is the perfect alternative summer party venue. We love the Street Feast venues all year round but there is something about yummy street food on a summer’s day. Hawker House has capacity for up to 3,000 guests meaning there is plenty of space for event additions. Your guests can even get fake dollars to ‘spend’ at the street food traders.


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